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c_cpp - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
c9search - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
chaos - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
chrome - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
cirru - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
clear() - Method in class de.f0rce.ace.AceEditor
Clears the value of the editor.
clojure - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
cloud9_day - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
cloud9_night - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
cloud9_night_low_color - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
clouds - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
clouds_midnight - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
cobalt - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
cobol - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
coffee - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
coldfusion - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
COMMENT - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
for comments
COMMENT_BLOCK - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
multi-line comments like /*
COMMENT_BLOCK_DOCUMENTATION - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
embedded documentation
COMMENT_LINE - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
line comments, we specialize further so that the type of comment start character(s) can be extracted from the scope.
COMMENT_LINE_CHARACTER - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
other types of line comments
COMMENT_LINE_DOUBLE_DASH - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
-- comment
COMMENT_LINE_DOUBLE_SLASH - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
// comment
COMMENT_LINE_NUMBER_SIGN - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
# comment
COMMENT_LINE_PERCENTAGE - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
% comment
compareTo(AceCursorPosition) - Method in class de.f0rce.ace.util.AceCursorPosition
Check if one instance of the AceCursorPosition is equal to another.
compareTo(AceSelection) - Method in class de.f0rce.ace.util.AceSelection
Check if one instance of the AceSelection is equal to another.
CONSTANT - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
various forms of constants
CONSTANT_CHARACTER - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
those which represent characters, e.g.
CONSTANT_CHARACTER_ESCAPE - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
escape sequences like \e
CONSTANT_LANGUAGE - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
constants (generally) provided by the language which are "special" like true, false, nil, YES, NO, etc.
CONSTANT_NUMERIC - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
those which represent numbers, e.g.
CONSTANT_OTHER - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
other constants, e.g. colors in CSS
crimson_editor - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
crystal - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
csharp - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
csound_document - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
csound_orchestra - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
csound_score - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
csp - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
css - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
curly - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
custom - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
Do not use this mode.
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All Classes|All Packages