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eclipse - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceTheme
edifact - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
eiffel - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
ejs - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
elixir - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
elm - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
ENTITY - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
an entity refers to a larger part of the document, for example a chapter, class, function, or tag.
ENTITY_NAME - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
we are naming the larger entity
ENTITY_NAME_FUNCTION - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
the name of a function
ENTITY_NAME_SECTION - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
the name is the name of a section/heading
ENTITY_NAME_TAG - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
a tag name
ENTITY_NAME_TYPE - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
the name of a type declaration or class
ENTITY_OTHER - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
other entities
ENTITY_OTHER_ATTRIBUTE_NAME - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
the name of an attribute (mainly in tags)
ENTITY_OTHER_INHERITED_CLASS - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceCustomModeTokens
the superclass/baseclass name
erlang - de.f0rce.ace.enums.AceMode
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All Classes|All Packages